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Thread last updated on Jul 10 2017 at 02:08 pm

1 Jul 06 2017 02:09 pm    

Welcome to your b2evolution-powered website!

To get you started, the installer has automatically created several sample collections and populated them with some sample contents. Of course, this starter structure is all yours to edit. Until you do that, though, here's what you will find on this site:

  • Blog A: You are currently looking at it. It contains a few sample posts, using simple features of b2evolution.
  • Blog B: You can access it from the link at the top of the page. It contains information about more advanced features. Note that it is deliberately using a different skin from Blog A to give you an idea of what's possible.
  • Photos: This collection is an example of how you can use b2evolution to showcase photos, with photos grouped into photo albums.
  • Forums: This collection is a discussion forum (a.k.a. bulletin board) allowing your users to discuss among themselves.
  • Manual: This showcases how b2evolution can be used to publish structured content such as an online manual or book.

You can add new collections of any type (blog, photos, forums, etc.), delete unwanted one and customize existing collections (title, sidebar, blog skin, widgets, etc.) from the admin interface.

2 Jul 10 2017 02:09 pm


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